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This is my showcase custom ROM for the Samsung GALAXY Note 8 (SM-N950F) based off Android 8.0.
It focused to remove as much bloat as possible to provide a near vanilla experience. Stripping unnecessary parts from the OS can lead to better benchmark results (logically better perfromance) and longer battery life dude to the fact less daemons & services are running in the background (like SamsungCloud), thus freeing up more RAM and putting less strain on your battery.

Feel free to check and use my ROM by pressing this link.
An update has been scheduled.

This is a summary of my devices and the work I have done for them, privately and publicly from 2011 up until now:

[Suspended] Samsung GALAXY Ace (GT-S5830): Various custom ROMs & Kernels
[Suspended] Samsung GALAXY S3 (GT-I9300): Various custom ROMS, focused on AOSP-based ROMs
[Suspended] Samsung GALAXY S4 (GT-I9500): KitKat custom ROM (one of the few to bring AOSP KitKat)
[Suspended] Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F): N/A, device hardbricked
[Suspended] Samsung GALAXY S7 Edge (SM-G935F): custom ROMs, device bricked after a few months (hardware failure)
[Inactive] Samsung GALAXY Note 8 (SM-N950F): custom ROMs, Kernels, maintaining universal8895
[Suspended] Sony XPERIA Z2 (D6503):custom ROMS
[Suspended] Sony XPERIA Z3 (D6603): worked on AOSP & TrimArea research
[Suspended] Huawei P9 (EVA-L09): N/A, device hardbricked

Since 2011 I have been passionately following the Android scene and have not lost my love for it. Developing Android Apps has been a crucial part to me.
They are fun to make and useful depending on who you ask.
Following Applications are made by me but have NOT been publicized :

eKVV2 Mobil: A timetable manager for the University of Bielefeld students
[REDACTED]: An upcoming Educational Application to teach German to foreigners of Middle-Eastern origin
KiAniMobile: A mobile application with native UI for KissAnime
GymHe App: A timetable manager for my seconday school

Starting 2019 I have also been creating Themes (Icon Packs for those coming from android) for Jailbroken i-Devices.
All of them support SnowBoard or Anemone3:

WhiteOut: Prettier Glyphs for your SpringBoard
BlaccOut: True PITCH BLACK Glyphs for your SpringBoard
HueMe: Glyphs, now with beautiful Gradients
HuePeriods: A Periodic Table Theme, revamped and better than ever

Alongside designing I have also started developing tweaks for Jailbroken i-Devices, including the new arm64e ARCH right off the bat.
The follows tweaks have been created onwards March 2019 :

Shadow Application: An Application for the Tweak Shadow for convenience
Unsub Application: An Application for the Tweak UnSub for convenience
BundleIDsXII: The spiritual successor to BundleIDsXI, with support for iOS12 & arm64e
[Upcoming] PrefApps: Turn any Application's Preference Bundle into a standalone Application

I am expanding my knowledge of ObjC/ Swift, expect more complex and bigger Tweaks soon!

Apart from iOS-/ Android-specific designing I create Wallpaper Packs & other forms of digital Art (sketching, creating icons/ banners/ logos, etc.)
Some of the aforementioned Wallpaper-Packs are listed below:

MacPro Type Wallpaper Pack
Wild Elements Wallpaper Pack